The Benefits of a Rowing Machine: Endorsed by Hollywood Stars

The Benefits of a Rowing Machine: Endorsed by Hollywood Stars

Blog post by Xeno Müller, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, Elite Rowing Coach.

– The benefits of using a rowing machine are becoming more well-known, thanks to its low impact on the joints and full-body movement. It’s an assisted movement since the person sits on a seat, making it a supported exercise with a good range of motion. This gentle impact on the joints means that people with certain disabilities can actually row. You can row a rowing machine one-legged or one-armed at a time; you can even row with a boot on if you have a hurt ankle. – For example, you may have seen Kevin Spacey row in “House of Cards” on Netflix. Hugh Jackman has also done a 2000m piece on a Concept2 rowing machine. During the winter, George Clooney directed a movie where the actors used rowing tanks to prepare for the spring rowing season.

– How does this relate to the benefits of a rowing machine? As someone who is soon to be 52 years old and has rowed in three Olympics, winning a gold and a silver medal, I can attest to its benefits. I use my own Xeno Signature WaterRower, which uses the weight of the water in the water drum to allow various exercises, such as standing up curls, oblique training, and lat pull-downs. Unlike rowing machines that use air resistance, my WaterRower lets you lift the handle straight up without lifting the machine off the ground.

– The Xeno Signature WaterRower comes with access to a library of rowing workouts, and depending on the membership level, you can row with me in real-time on Saturday mornings at 9 AM or 10 AM. During these sessions, I provide technical feedback, enhancing the rowing experience with quality coaching and entertainment. This feedback can help rowers enjoy their workouts more and develop their routines.

– If you’re looking for a rowing machine, check out my Xeno Signature WaterRower. I love it, and I believe you will too. Feel free to reach out to me with any questions. I’d be happy to chat! Do visit my rowing workout library!

(Hugh Jackman is pushing a sprint piece)

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Have a watch how you can use the Xeno Waterrower differently if you can’t use your full body: