🚣‍♂️Rowing: A Tapestry of Individual Ambition and Collective Unity🚣‍♂️

… urging us to train hard so we could smile halfway through our races, mentally preparing for that final victorious surge. Steve, on the other hand, championed the ethos of being the perfect waterman, emphasizing unity and rhythm irrespective of external conditions.
At Brown, despite our diverse backgrounds and reasons for recruitment – some for athletic prowess and others for academic excellence – there was one universal truth: the essence of team. The potent spirit of “moving as one” became our mantra. To outpace formidable opponents from Ivy League giants like Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, we realized the necessity of becoming a cohesive, well-prepared unit. While individual egos and personality clashes were inevitable, our shared purpose always took precedence. Every practice was a commitment to setting differences aside, unifying our efforts, and aiming to be the season’s fastest crew.
Now, decades later, I see remnants of that same resilience and unity in the young talents I coach and my contemporaries. There’s an unspoken bond between us, a shared understanding of the sacrifices and dedication required to compete at the collegiate level. To row with every ounce of strength, with the single aim of propelling that boat ahead of renowned competitors, is an exhilarating experience I cherish.
In reflection, I owe my profound learning and development in this sport to legendary coaches like Marty Aitken, Steve Gladstone, Harry Mahon, and Scott Roop.

Their teachings have instilled a goal-oriented approach in me, ensuring I remain reliable to all those who count on me.