Are Summer Rowing Camps Worth It?


  • Summer rowing camps for high school freshmen is a great way to mix with other camp attendees and learn how to row together.
  • Sophomores and Juniors need to focus on lowering their erg scores to get recruited.  If recruiting is not a goal, then rowing at summer camps is a nice option as well.
  • Rowing camps do not offer personal attention.  Usually the ratio between rower and coach is lopsided. Rowing camps are in it to make as much money as possible.
  • Well known rowing camps that compete at the club national championships are focused on producing the fastest possible crews to win medals.  Most of the rowers who attend such camps will be left out.
  • For junior high school rowers it is critical to lower the erg score during the summer months. Rowing in mixed boats with inconsistent intensities leads to worse erg scores and more stress.
  • The money and time spent is better used with an elite rowing coach who provides a clear training program that spans over summer with planned 2Ks and personal attention to technique, psychological, and performance improvements.

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