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College Recruiting Information

College Recruiting Information

URGENT! College Recruiting Information: Female high school rowers need to be trained differently then their male counterparts. WOMEN NEED TO TRAIN DIFFERENTLY THEN MEN. Years of analysis and experience show that successful junior women rowers are coached differently...

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Latest testimonial :-)

Latest testimonial 🙂

I started working with Xeno Muller during my novice year. At the time, I was already a Junior and had a lot of catching up to do to be a strong rower for my age. Working with Xeno, helped transform my stroke into one of the best technical strokes on my team. Xeno also...

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Rowing with Xeno and his Signature Waterrower

Rowing with Xeno and his Signature Waterrower

"Luke Gheen here. Just wanted to stay in touch. I continue to use your rowing videos 5-6 days a week and love them. Not sure if you can see me on there; I use my cell phone to watch them. I've tried to leave comments and they show up as anonymous. The regular rowing...

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Retina Burning and Weaponizing.

Retina Burning and Weaponizing are two of my favorite analogies when I watch and coach rowing. When I watch a rower, it only takes a split second for me to see how their stroke can be made more efficient. During that instant, my "retina gets burned" so to speak. Of...

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