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Like all sports, rowing is made available across the country through volunteer and amateur coaches.  This continues to enable people to find a sport they are passionate about. In rowing, these amateur coaches have not experienced rowing at the highest level. They have...

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Capture your Olympic dream.

With Elite Coaching you can have the technique that maximizes your potential, the training that brings you in the top 0.5%, and the mental coaching that gets you to the gold medal.    It is never too early to start.  Not only can you be the fastest in your club, go to...

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Do you have a dream of rowing in college?

Do you think that you have to be the tallest, or strongest to get the 2k score to realize your dream? Are you relying upon your local rowing coach to get you there? Most high school rowers mistakenly think that obtaining the 2k erg time which their coach says that...

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Are you not happy with your current erg score?

I have bad news for you. Most club high school rowers lose even more erg speed in spring. This is a huge problem for rowers who seek to get recruited to college. Among many reasons, there is one that stands out: Club coaches care more about rowing on the water. Your...

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Rowers are well coached when:

They know not to train. They know how to self-coach their technique. They know what to eat. They know how to cope with stress. They know what the training program is. They know it is OK to ask questions. They know which strength exercises are not conductive for faster...

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