2 seconds make a huge difference and a questionable standard coaching tip.

1. One or two seconds slower or faster than a PR has a huge effect on athletes. If training has not been optimal and a rower PRs by 2 seconds this may not trigger ultimate euphoria, but consider the opposite.  What if the result is one or two seconds slower than PR.  The difference in outlook on life can be quite dramatic and yet the effort is by a very small fraction quasi the same.  

The point I am making, do not beat yourself up if the margin is that small. In the case above, by assuming preparation prior to the PR was not optimal, missing the PR by a small fraction is quite acceptable. 

No matter what result is achieved, it is important to take a step back and review training log, and understand what steps were taken leading to the latest result. 

2. A standard coaching tip is to strap the feet in hard on the rowing machine.  (In the boat, coaches tend to forget about it, maybe because it is harder to see, and they assume since your feet are in the shoes, that it is all taken care of).  If you have not heard me mention separation of ball of foot from the footboard ask me next time.  How hard you strap the feet has a direct effect on how well one can connect through the heel throughout the leg drive.  TOO OFTEN, rowers how strap in hard, tend to have a heel lift towards the end of the stroke, thus compromising, the knee extension which leads to a rounded lower back and an overall slouched finish position. 

As always, get in touch with me if some of this is not CRYSTAL CLEAR.  

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