2K Composure, drag choice, triangle of power

1. No matter what distance you row at “full power,” you need to find composure starting with the very first stroke.  When the going gets tough, it is hard to find composure, if you did not find it when you were still fresh.  Make it clear to yourself what you are focusing on technically. If you have not heard it from me often enough, ask me what to focus on.  Every rower is a bit different.  One size does not always fit all. 

2. Make sure that your start reflects the needed composure and technique for an impeccable 2k.  The start is part of your race rhythm.  If you have never sent me a start sequence, send it to me ASAP. 

3. Picking the right drag to get the most powerful stroke at race pace is as important as working as hard as possible to get the best possible 2K.  When you pick the right drag your 2K splits come easily between stroke rate 29-31.  Get in touch with me if your stroke rate range is different. 

4. No matter what stroke rate or intensity you are rowing at, you need to organize the triangle of power before rising the knees. This sets you up for the skeletal hang. It also creates a better weight distribution between the footboard, oarlocks and the seat.

Keep up the communication!