Always look for more power per stroke:

Power per stroke is critical to successful competitive rowing.  You heard me say that POWER is equal to the FORCE times the DISTANCE divided by TIME.  Therefore the length of your stroke has a direct effect on your power output. 

Whether you are rowing on the erg or on the water you want to find the longest most energy efficient rowing stroke. When you erg, you are in a place that allows you to test this out without interference from others, (same is true in the single scull.)  No matter what power you are using, you always seek faster splits.  Whether it is on the paddle, steady state, anaerobic threshold training, or race pace, you always want to find the fastest possible split with the least amount of energy used.  

Get in touch with me if you need reminders on how to achieve this and further explanations about drag settings vs. heart rate, as well as drills. 

Never hesitate to get in touch with me, your parents included :-)