Breathing: Use the “right” 3/4 of your lungs

During one of my coaching sessions today, I got to explain the importance of how to breathe. 

Most rowers will breathe with their top halves of their lungs, which leads to a tight upper body and makes it impossible to hang off the skeletal during the leg drive.

It is critical to get used to breathing from the bottom 3/4 quarters of your lungs. Focus on fully exhaling and enjoy realizing that you have a lot of oxygen available that you never thought you had.  

You can train full exhale breathing by sitting on a chair.  During my meditation time, I focus on full gentle exhales.  You will notice how much you can slow down your breathing without ever feeling out of breath. 

Such breathing control enables you to breathe once per rowing stroke at any stroke rate without feeling getting out of breath. 

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