Coaching Tips

1. Sliders/Resistance bands

Doing live coaching sessions on sliders is great.  There are exercises that are only possible on sliders.  I have videos of using resistance bands to improve hang technique during the leg drive.  If you have not watched them yet, let me know.

2. Careful with joints

Pull ups and chin ups, are great for overall body building, however, be careful not too yank on the bar to get yourself up.  You can use a resistance band to assist you with those exercises.  If you are not familiar with the use of resistance bands, get in touch with me.

3. Pace yourself with target heart rate

It is absolutely critical that the mileage done with controlled intensity follows your personal target heart rate.  If your target heart rate is not crystal clear to you, let me know, there are a couple ways to find it.  Long distance mileage at the sub aerobic threshold is done at stroke rate 20 plus minus 2. 

4. Cross train the smart way

I love cross training, share with me your cross training options. Get in touch with me to learn more about it and let me make sure that how you cross train is conductive to greater rowing performance. 

5. When it matters to go really hard

The bold written workouts on the training program are critical. There are not many opportunities to go as AS HARD AS POSSIBLE.  When you do those workouts and you question your existence, then you are likely going hard enough.  If you need more metaphors about how you need to experience “AS HARD AS POSSIBLE,” do not hesitate and get in touch with me ASAP :-)

6. Rest between intervals

No matter which intervals you do, I am in favor of more rest than not. The key is that the intervals are done with POWER and good technique. Too little rest does not give the opportunity to maximize power and technique.   My approach to testing your metal is not by beating it over and over at rapid succession, but to beat it hard and give you the ability to rationalize it before you get the metal beaten again. It sounds so violent but it is more civilized then the more common method.