Critical for continued progress

Nothing can be achieved with a sledgehammer in training.  Be patient and kind to your body, you only have one.

1. Changing technique will affect muscles which have not been used often.  This can lead to tightness in certain areas of the body.  It is therefore important to not get frustrated and instead gently do exercises to teach that muscular area to become part of the newly acquired technique.  Timely breaks from the rowing stroke are highly recommended, as well as asymmetric rowing drills to cross strengthen the core with a focus on hinging at the hip joint. 

2. Relaxation during rowing is very important and is facilitated through focused breathing.  Allowing the lungs to be used with the bottom 4/5 of their volume is high effective for skeletal hang, but also to calm the sinus rhythm during long distance workouts. 

3.  Don’t let your brain go nuts when you do long steady state mileage. Ask for my psycho babble video for a trick I used to keep myself going while pushing valuable mileage. 

4. Be in touch with me.  Schedule your live coaching sessions.  Keep me updated with how workouts go. 

Parents you are always welcome to ask questions.