Finding symmetry with mirrors

Training on land is a great opportunity to correct muscle imbalances and posture issues. If you have access to a mirror try this: Face the mirror, squat down while keeping the heels on the ground.  Allow your squat to go all the way down, while looking into your own eyes in the mirror throughout the entire movement.  Look for symmetrical imbalances, maybe your favoring one leg more than the other, or you feel as if you are losing control of your body the further you descend. Become aware of such signals and correct them through repetition. As you move up and down into the squat, imagine a vertical line on the mirror which you follow with the tip of your nose.  Stay on that line and avoid any kind of deviation. 

Now stand sideways to the mirror and look over your shoulder and descend into the squat, keep the lower back supported the further down you go. Stop your descent before your lower back would start buckling. 

By working on your motor skills you will connect better to the footboard and the handle in a boat or on the erg. 

Use the mirror for free weight exercises such as biceps curls with dumbbells, lateral lifts, and back raises. With lat pull downs, find a way to observe yourself straight on in a mirror.  Keep the shoulders symmetric to one another. If you notice that one arm works harder than the other, correct it immediately. 

Get in touch with me for further lifting tips.  Avoid max weights at all cost.  If you have your doubts about certain strength exercises get in touch with me immediately.  Risk never outweighs benefit when it comes to lifting, always be in control. 

Use mirrors when you row the erg.  Look for level shoulders, level wrists at all times, a supported back throughout the entire stroke, avoid a disappearing neck, etc.

Last but not least, parents, you are always welcome to discuss training with me.

Rowers, never hesitate to ask questions, I have constructive answers for you. 

Finally, I would like to welcome our new families who joined Elite Coaching with me.