FLOW FLOW FLOW! Find it, it is powerful.

Thanks to Eric who found this page in a book which is an awesome description of FLOW!  I will enumerate catalysts that help you find flow when you workout or race.


1. Know your breathing pattern.

2. Know your technical checklist and weave it into every stroke you take.

3. Feel the triangle of power every single stroke you take.

4. Constantly tune your power and your heart rate to get the best possible split.

5. Let your breathing calm your heart rate down.

6. Let the meters become blurry.

7. Free your mind from asking yourself why your are working out.

8. Immerse yourself, become one with your movement, let the instinct guide you.

9. When you do your mileage, empty your mind and go by pshical an visual feel.

Get in touch with me if you have more catalyst that you use to find flow.  Let me know if there are points that need to be explained further. 

I am always here to assist you.  Never hesitate to ask questions.  Parents are always welcome to join the discussion. 

Last but not least, now that spring season is starting, more distraction appear, let’s stay focused on our coaching and personal improvement on the erg and rowing technique as well as mental focus. 


The book: "How bad do you want it" by Matt Fitzgerald.