Fuel and technique

1. Drinking water alone is only ok if your workout lasts 40 minutes at aerobic intensity, 2K 500m splits plus 21 seconds (+/-) 2.  Once you push past 40 minutes your glycogen reserves in your muscles get depleated. It is therefore crucial to feed your glycogen reserves as you go.  You need glycogen to keep up the energy production through your aerobic metabolization as well as your anaerobic metabolization, because both work at the same time. A Cytomax type drink has carbohydrates and electrolytes. Both are needed to keep the body functioning well.

2. Remember to row one arm only, be it on the erg, in the tank, or on the water when you row sweep.   In sculling you can row wide handle or enjoy rowing circules.  Key is the skeletal hang and the understanding that you push your legs out from underneath your forward body angle for the first three quarters of the leg drive. 

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