Go beyond Concept2 limitations.


I have videos that explain how to increase the drag on the rowing machine beyond damper setting 10.  If you need me to send you the link, get in touch with me.

Rowing at much higher resistance than what you are used to enable you to recruit more muscle fiber.  Those muscle fibers don’t just get activated but they also gain more endurance while using your established sub aerobics threshold target heart rate. 

The higher drag makes it easier to feel what certain technical drills need to feel like. 


Most of the rowers I coach, can reach farther then what the construction of the erg allows them to do.   This even more the case when the feet are adjusted to the most efficient height to maximize power. There are two ways to gain more mechanical length on the erg.  Get in touch with me to find out which.

Never hesitate to get in touch with me.  Parents you are welcome to always check in.