How much faster can one get after one live coaching session plus 3 days of rowing?

From a 7:17/2K to 6:59/2K that is!  Huge congratulations to the one in question.  Breaking 7 is a huge step, let alone dropping a truckload of seconds within 96 hours. 

Technique is so important, so crucial, in competitive rowing. Without the right technique, the body tires a lot faster and energy is wasted instead of transmitted directly to the flywheel on the erg or moving the boat faster past the blades for superior run. 

Every stroke you take, focus on making it a masterpiece.  Time is of essence, therefore maximizing your technique is critical.  Use mirrors or camera to monitor your form.  Work on your drills.

Keep me updated with how training is going.  Send me text messages.  Keep your parents in the loop as well. 

Never hesitate to get in touch with me, parents included. 

You will keep getting faster.