Improving your PR without losing control and sports massage.

Improving your PR:

If you are rowing with me, you notice a rapid succession of PRs.  As the results keep improving, the gains become smaller, since it gets harder and harder exponentially to get faster.  The key to steadily improving is to carefully calculate your race pace.  If you have questions about it, get in touch with me on this.

Sports Massage:

You do a lot of physical and mental work to become the best rower you can be.  Your body and mind deserve a break.  Getting a sports massage is not a luxury when you train as hard as you do. It is worth investing in a weekly massage, even if it is only once per month.  Muscles that are loosened through massage therapy recover faster, are more elastic which makes them more powerful. 

If you have questions never hesitate to get in touch with me via phone, text, or email. Parents are always welcome to get in touch with me too. 

If you know of anyone who could benefit from Elite Coaching let them know about me, that would be awesome.