Most important points when racing:

1. Do not sacrifice stroke length for higher stroke rate.  The most efficient power you will get is from using a full leg compression over the entirety of the 2K, 5K or 6K.  This will keep your upper body in a strong catch angle position.  You will see lots of rowers who do the opposite by trading higher stroke rate for lesser leg compression. Without knowing, the majority of rowers end up working harder with their upper bodies and less with their legs.   Therefore, to finish off this paragraph: Focus on stroke length through full leg compression and get the handle as close to the cage as possible that way. 

2. Breathing has to happen from the very first stroke onwards. Every stroke deserves a breathing cycle. Most rowers don’t breath during the start phase.  This makes getting into rhythm very difficult.  Take the start strokes carefully, organize them well the way we coach.  Create the triangle of power before the rise of the knees and then hang your skeletal off your leg drive. 

If anything is unclear, get in touch with me immediately.  I am here for you.  If your parents have questions, I am there for them too. 

Good luck,