Power per stroke and race prep

1. Power per stroke is an important part of training. I just got off a live coaching session during which I viewed splits on the ErgData app as I was commenting technique.  Low rate high power intervals are extremely important for muscle recruitment and is a great confidence builder.  Ask me for further details about it. 

2. Race prep the day of: First, make sure you watch my video on what to do the day of the 2K. Second, make sure that everything you do, including eating and drinking fluids, is done in moderation. Don't do anything that you are not used to doing.   Small anecdote on this.  I once had finger nails that felt too long during a regatta.  I had no nail clipper...  So I took sandpaper to trim my nails.  That was a bad move.  I sanded my nails back too far and it felt very uncomfortable to row with.  The point I am trying to make: Do what you usually do.  Don't do anything out of the norm.  Bring the stuff you need with you.  In may case it was a nail clipper. OK?

Be in touch, don't hesitate to communicate with me.  I am here for you.