Risk vs. Benefit

Today, I discussed risk vs. benefit with one of the rowers I coach. I received footage of strength training.  The exercise was straight leg deadlift.  If you ever try that exercise, then use extreme caution.  Let me know first if that is something you want to test out.  The footage was of the last repetitions with a significant amount of weight. In my competitive career, I never used that much weight.  Technique must remain flawless when such extreme amounts of weight are used, hence my comment whether the benefit is worth the risk.  

In my case, I would not have taken that risk.  Here is my tip for any strength exercise: Do it SLOWLY, and thus you can recruit a maximum amount of muscle fibers without maxing out on weight and keeping the risk of injury at a minimum. 

Remember also that the power you have over 10 seconds on the erg, is significantly faster than what you can maintain for 2K meters.  This is especially true for men.  For women, strength training has a greater effect over 2K.

Get in touch with me to get all of this clarified. Never hesitate to call/text me.  Parents are always welcome!