Rowing tips and Thanksgiving

First of all, I wish everyone a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday.  

Second, I would like you to consider these coaching tips:

  • Hydrate with water in warm and cold climates.  During workouts mix carbs and electrolytes. 
  • If ergs are not available, consider X-training but don’t be aggressive. We want to avoid sore muscles.  If the cross training is not part of your routine, then less is more. 
  • Get a massage or two. 
  • Enjoy family.  Ask your grandparents and parents questions which you usually may not have the time to ask during school schedule.
  • Stretch.  If you are at a loss of what stretches to do, let me know, I have a bunch of videos demonstrating stretches. 
  • Keep your hands clean.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Follow the training program as best as you can, but don’t stress about it over the break.  Dialogue with family is good for the soul as much as training is good for your body and your 2K. 

Keep me updated.   Tuesday PM I won’t be reachable until late, because we are traveling.  I will be traveling home on Sunday all day.   I am easily reachable Wednesday through Saturday.  Real time coaching for some may not be possible.  No problem, we will make up the time next week. 

I thank you all for being dedicated rowers and supportive parents.