Strength training at home safely an important cog in the wheel.

There is no doubt that I was the best I could be in rowing because of technique and how my endurance was built through smart coaching and training periodization. 

But there is more, I liked being strong as well. I wanted to be strong all around.  I wanted a symmetric body.  I needed to see in the mirror that my rowing speed was also refected on how my body looked and felt to me.  A well built body is your armor against injury.  It shall give you confidence.  Here is a list of exercises you can add when you have ten minutes before dinner:

1. Pull ups and chin ups, use a resistance band to help you up to maintain good symmetric form.

2. One legged squats with the heel planted on the ground at all times, and yes, if you can’t do it free standing then hold on to something to get down and up, which will make it a whole body workout.

3. Push ups, the hands lined up with to the sternum above the chest line. Keep your body aligned and feel tight buttocks, abs, and a stretch in the calf muscles.

4. Do straight arm plank, core, buttocks, quads tight, and calf muscles being stretched.

5. Do straight arm side plank, core buttocks, quads tight.

If any of this is not crystal clear, let me know and I will give more feedback.

Never hesitate to let me know how things are going.

Call or text me anytime, parents you are always welcome to share your thoughts.