Technique and when it is too late in the day to train.

Hello Rowers and Parents.

The idea came to me a few days ago to keep a log, which can be viewed by the rowers and parents whose son or daughter I coach. 

After my coaching sessions today, I have a couple useful remarks to make.

1. When the rower uses a mirror, it is key to watch for the triangle of power to be set up early in the recovery and to be maintained during the first three quarters of the leg drive. This sets up a good skeletal hang.  It is therefore useful to do periodically body over pause drills. 

2. Don't plan to train after 7PM.  A late practice throws off sleep pattern.  My suggestion is to take a few minutes to decompress after school and then allocate 90 minutes for practice. Afterward take a quick lukewarm shower and begin homework. 

Never hesitate to get in touch with me.  Xeno

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