Things to keep in mind:

1. Never stop thinking about optimizing your stroke.  Think about technique and make every stroke the perfect opportunity to create a master piece. 

2. Use a mirror or airplay onto a monitor.  Watch yourself row and imagine what I would be saying.

3. If you have a device to test your lactate, do it.  Use your heart rate monitor to make sure you are training hard enough.

4. Mileage, even if you don’t have enough time to do a whole workout, do a partial workout.  EVERY STROKE you take is an opportunity to get faster, do it.  

5. Keep in touch with me. I love praising and giving advice. When I don’t hear from a rower, I worry that they are going idle. There is no time to waste.  We can make things exciting with different workouts and cross training.  I am here, mental rain or shine, ready for everything. 

6. LOG LOG LOG LOG LOG and LOG!!!!!  The more mileage you do, the more likely you keep a log.  If I ask for how much mileage was done and I get a vague answer... that means not enough mileage was done.  Eric, who is one of you, put in 215 kilometers in one week.  Granted, he is a senior in college, but the only way to kick some real but on this little globe we are on floating in the universe, is by putting in the work with a technical thinking cap on. 

Never hesitate to reach out to me.  This includes parents.  I love being constructive. Over and out :-)