Thoughts after today’s live coaching sessions:

A great quote today was by a rower who said: “I should make the erg feel the same way as when I row on the water.”  I loved hearing it.  The weird part about the erg is that it is static, unlike the erg on sliders, dynamic erg, or RP3. Feeling that you are pushing the footboard away on the static erg is total psychobable, because mechanically it is impossible to do, except on the water or the dynamic rowing machine systems.   If this does not sound completely clear and easy to imagine, get in touch about it with me.

When you get used to the breathing, match your stroke rate to your breathing cycle. I have a video that explains it.  Let me know if you need the URL to it. 

Be good to your body and don’t consider it a luxury to get a sports massage once per week. Your muscles will recover faster and have greater range of motion which leads to more power.  Power is = Force X distance/time hence more distance more power. 

Let me know all the time how training is going. I am here to assist you and anwer your questions.  Parents, you are always welcome to check in as well!