Today’s training tips:

As the weather gets hotter and more humid:

1. Avoid training in hot temperatures.  Choose a time of day when you have less heat to deal with.  Your heart is not just handling your rowing effort but your airconditioning system as well. Don’t overdo it in the heat.

2. Drink enough.  When the body tells you to drink, you are already partially dehydrated. You are becoming a high performance machine, you need to stay ahead of the common alarms that your body is used to, such as when to feel thirsty. 

3. When you sweat a lot and your handle gets wet, dry off your hands so that the skin does not get “pruny”, like when you stay in the water too long. The skin becomes too soft and you can develop blisters. Bring a little hand towel with you int he boat or kee it next to the erg. 

4. Last but not least, listen to the whispers of your body and don’t wait until it screams at you. 

Always stay in touch when good or bad.  Parents are always welcome to communicate.