Train your brain

Becoming a great competitor is not just about training the body, but the mind as well. 

The mind helps us self-coach ourselves.  Once at home, you may not have the energy to take another stroke on the erg, because your club training did you in and you find yourself sitting on a chair or a couch.  All the energy you have left is to think about what you have done that day in rowing.  That is the perfect opportunity to run a quick self-analysis. 

How did the strokes feel?  What muscles are sorer than others? Were the breaks taken utilized properly (ask me if you don’t know what to look for here)?  Did you have the opportunity to think about the technique that we work on?  

Once you asked yourself these questions or similar and answered them, then take a couple minutes to visualize the perfect stroke.  In your mind, feel how the right stroke feels.  Imagine the ratio, the rhythm, when the stroke feels great. Did you know when the boat runs beautifully it leaves a trail of bubbles behind?  Imagine that as well, because it is awesome when it happens for real.

To finish off your mental training session, take a minute to fully exhale slowly without forcing it and let your body sink in to the couch, or feel the gravity of your body while sitting on a chair.  Let your mind be calmed down in the process and accept that all that you feel is part of you becoming a more complete person.  Slowly get up and stretch out to reaching to the ceiling or sky.  Feel greater mentally and physically. 

Always know that what you are going through, I went through as well.