Triangle of power and heart rate for long pieces

I just recorded footage of an unconventional exercise on the stationary erg. Have a look and if you have questions ping me for answers. The triangle of power allows you to maximize your leg power connection to the flywheel. 

Don’t train harder than you have to. Your steady state heart rate can be determined from your 2K PR. You can also get tested using blood samples, it is easy and can be done at home.  Changing the drag while keeping an eye on the heart rate described above is the fastest way to build more aerobic stamina which is the base of your power pyramid, (another triangle!). 

If you need more information about any of the points I bring up in this confidential blog, get in touch with me.  I purposefully keep it slightly vague. My goal with this blog is to make it a catalyst for thought that leads to questions and answers. 

Parents you are always welcome to get in touch with me as well. We need everyone on the same page.