Triangle of power and mileage

It is thanks to the triangle of power that I achieved maximum speed in rowing. The term ‘triangle of power” was not taught to me, I named it that way after noticing the three corners that matter to maximizing the connection between the legs and the handle.  If there is ANYTHING to keep repeating to one self during training it is the triangle of power.  If this is not crystal clear, get in touch with me.

Mileage is important to improving 2K.  2K is an odd distance, because it is in-between sprinting and medium distance racing. An Olympic rowing gold medalist who competed as a cyclist in time trials compared the two disciplines this way: “Cycling is a maximum controlled effort over 60 minutes, whereas rowing is an explosion of power from start to finish.”  In order to keep such a high intensity performance going in rowing past 500 meters, the aerobic capacity is playing a huge role. There is only one way to have a huge aerobic capacity and that is through mileage done at target heart rate and controlled stroke rate.  The controlled stroke rate is directly linked to the most effective way to recruit muscle fiber.  If this is not CRYSTAL CLEAR, get in touch with me.

Parents, you are always welcome to get in touch with me as well.