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Congratulations, you are going to row in college!

Do you know what is waiting for you?

  • You will do more mileage then you have ever done in high school
  • You will be surrounded by rowers who are motivated to crush you and squeeze you out of the first boat
  • The erg score will decide more than ever where you land on the totem pole. 

You better shape up!

  • Brush up on your technique to avoid injury once the demands on your body doubles up, trust me it will.
  • Build your aerobic capacity so that you are able to digest the extremely hard workouts that are coming your way.
  • It is not a matter of how much HARDER you train from now until fall, but HOW SMART. 

Join my group of rowers.  Receive ELITE COACHING so when you are in college you can:

  1. Dominate

  2. Make the first boat

  3. Have the top erg score

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