URGENT! College Recruiting Information: Female high school rowers need to be trained differently then their male counterparts.

Years of analysis and experience show that successful junior women rowers are coached differently then the common male-centric training method. Act now, ELITE COACHING optimizes your training. 

        Getting recruited to college requires good erg scores
        • Breaking 8 minutes for 2K, 70th percentile (open weight)
            • An absolute must for lightweight women who want to be recruited to the very few U.S. collegiate women's lightweight programs.  For open weight female rowers, a score slightly below 8 minutes/2K will have no pull in the recruiting process.
          • Breaking 7 minutes 40 seconds for 2K, 85th percentile
              • University coaches start paying attention to open weight rowers.  Coaches believe that down the line there is potential for such rowers to make the first boat by their junior or senior year in college.  Coaches emphasize the need for good GPA and high academic test scores.  
              • In case of female lightweight high school rowers, a sub 7:40 erg score is highly recruitable.
            • Breaking 7 minutes 30 seconds for 2K, 90th percentile
              • A more common score among among division one rowing universities' recruiting lists.  Coaches show interest and will emphasize the need for good GPA and high academic test score. 
              • Breaking 7: 20 for 2K,  top 95th percentile
                • Considered a very recruitable score among division one coaches who are highly interested and offering official visits. 
                • Breaking 7:10 for 2K, 99th percentile:  An erg score that is faster than 7:10 makes the recruit RED HOT in the eyes of division one university rowing coaches.  The phone will be ringing of the hook and official visits are abundant

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                    • Elite coaching helps female high school rowers achieve their erg goals quicker.
                      • Strength training
                          • Building more power per stroke and safe and solid core stability.
                      • Aerobic conditioning
                          • Utilizing cardiac measurements to optimize training intensity.
                      • Cross training
                        • High conductive for improved training quality and motivation.
                        • Optimizing Power application
                            • A key component for improved erg scores.
                            • Greater sense of confidence
                            • Injury free rowing
                          • Time is of essence
                            • Elite coaching can help seniors achieve a far superior erg score with greatly improved odds to making the first boat come come freshman year in college.  With a superior erg score, rowers have greater confidence and savor being part of a university crew that much more.
                            • High school juniors, CRUNCH TIME...  They have until the fall of their senior year to drop the erg way down in order to get recruited!  This requires careful attention to aerobic development, power application on the erg, and specific strength training.   Elite coaching helps stay on top of those training components. 
                            • High school sophomores have the timing down right to optimize training and athletic knowledge through elite coaching. 
                            • High school freshmen, RIGHT ON!  With three years until recruiting season starts, aerobic capacity can be fully optimized, the right rowing technique and power application are learned right from the get go.  Athletic knowledge is acquired early and leads the way to an unforgettable run to being a top collegiate rowing recruit.