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Training is not about the best split. It is about improving your splits with the best technique. It is about building the muscle memory you need, especially when you're tired in the third 500, to be the fastest you can be for your 2k.

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Most high school rowers mistakenly think that obtaining the 2k erg time which their coach says that they need, will enable them to realize their goal. It is not. Most high school coaches do not know the real 2k score you need to get recruited to the college of your dreams. They certainly don’t know the 2k score you need to put you in a position to row on that college’s A boat –...

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Through Elite Coaching I was able to get recruited to Brown University, stay undefeated in the varsity and win Olympic gold and silver in the men's single scull.  Today, I enjoy helping rowers achieve their full potential as high school rowers seeking to get recruited to college and get their best possible erg score.   I am excited to coach our Golden Meters Erg Clinic.  Our next one is on December 9. and 10. here in lovely Costa Mesa.   Follow this LINK to learn more and sign up. During the camp participants will learn the technical rowing secrets I learned from my Elite Rowing Coaches,...

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Being a lightweight on a team dominated by heavyweights was hard. 

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Rowing in college is a life changing experience.  Making sure to train the right way is key to a successful admission to a great collegiate rowing program.   

This presentation sheds light on how elite coaching approaches rowing at the junior level. 

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