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High school rowers are taught all over the country by coaches who don’t have elite experience, or an elite coaching tree.  They are energetic, well-meaning and inspire confidence, but they do not produce Top 10 rowing recruits every year, or for many – they never have produced a Top 10 rowing recruit.  So, they are teaching their students to row like the driver who made that inefficient line around the track.  The problem is the longer you wait to learn the correct way to row, which will maximize your potential, the harder those ruts become and it is difficult to maintain elite form when you become tired in the race for gold, or the 2k time to be recruited to the college of your dreams.

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Rowing in college is a life changing experience.  Making sure to train the right way is key to a successful admission to a great collegiate rowing program.   

This presentation sheds light on how elite coaching approaches rowing at the junior level. 

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  • For a total of 49 days, IVY League coaches cannot coach or make practice mandatory. 

Coaches can suggest to their team to stay active in a none specific way and thus the highly motivated athletes will keep on putting in the miles, but without technical supervision, which is a problem, since every day counts when it comes to preparing for the Easter Sprints. 

  • There is a better option:  IVY League rowers are allowed to get outside Elite Coaching. 

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