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Need a better erg score? Think outside of the box, step on it! 1. Training the body different ways. When I work with rowers through my ELITE COACHING program, I make sure that the mind keeps firing on all pistons.  It is key to not just use the rowing machine or the boat to become better at rowing, because only rowing can lead to mental burnout.  The body needs to be trained all around. This type of training is called X-training.  X-training in winter becomes quite limited due to outside temperatures.  However, strength endurance circuit training is an excellent form...

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1.  You must be selfish to succeed on the erg. Group mentality is not going to cut it. 2. Don't go it alone. I didn't, I had coaches.  In today's age, getting coaching is one key stroke away. 3. Avoid the major mistakes everyone does. Listen carefully to the webinar above.  There are obvious faux pas that will lead you nowhere. 4. Elite coaching is key to your success it was for me. I had the best coaches.  They show me how to get ready to deliver punishing erg scores.  Now it is my turn to show you how you...

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A bad erg score can ruin your day and your recruiting. 1. You hate the anticipation of a 2K I can't blame you.  Your last 2K brought you to your knees and you may have not gotten a new personal best.  Now you are expected to do better, without feeling better...  The anticipation of 2K can keep you awake at night.  I understand, but it really does not have to be that way.  The right training plan can help you build for a new personal best, physically and mentally.  My coaches made me a specialist in this!   2. You...

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