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The Elite Performance Camp

Xeno Müller Elite Rowing Coach

This ten-week camp is designed to help the elite college rower reach their potential. Starting with a recovery and mental focus phase, the camp will guide rowers in the finer points of Elite Performance.  It is during this initial phase rowers will study the history of rowing and the technical nuances which produce superior speed.

Students will then move into the base performance and technical training phase of the camp.  It is here that your rowing stroke is analyzed and drills are performed in order to build the most effective stroke, which will generate superior speed and enable you to realize your full potential.  

Gold medals are earned through Elite training. This is where those critical extra inches per stroke are earned.  

Program Overview:  
•10-week Program (flexible start dates: may begin camp, as soon as June 8th)
•12 live coaching sessions 
•8 frame by frame analysis
•24/7 Communication
Policy: No refunds