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Being happy and healthy can be fun!  Here is how: 

"With your Signature Waterrower you get to enjoy rowing with me, Xeno Müller, Olympic Gold and Silver Medalist, Elite Rowing Coach.   

  • Receive a recorded personal message from me to you or the person of your choice.
  • Enjoy over 70 fun filled 45 minute online workouts, which range from easy, medium, to hard.  At the completion of each workout you will smile wearing a sweaty shirt and looking forward to the next row. 
  • My Waterrower has a comfortable seat, unlike any other rowing machine. 
  • The Signature Waterrower has a wider handle, which makes rowing more comfortable and facilitates training different muscle groups.  The handle is ergonomically designed to keep your forearm muscles happy and toned. 
  • Shipping in the USA is included in the price.

As you glide along you hear a gentle swishing sound of water.  You can quietly row in your living room as your family enjoys their own activities.  

With my Signature Waterrower you can do more than just rowing.  Discover fun non-rowing exercises that strengthen your body safely as you discover them through my online rowing workout library. 

I look forward to welcoming you to our ever growing tribe!

Let's row together until we are 300 years young!