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Frequently Asked Questions About Rowing

What makes an elite rowing coach?

An Elite Rowing Coach carries these three virtues:

– A crystal clear understanding of the nuances in rowing technique
– Understanding physiology and when to apply different training intensities
– Understanding rowers psychology and helping overcome their mental hurdles
– Great communication skills. The ability to listen and explain the “whys” and “hows” to the rower and parents.

What does an elite rowing coach do?

As a rowing coach, I ensure that:

– Rowers are enabled to perform at their fullest potential.
– They overcome their fears and insecurities through positive feedback and consistent training.
– Rowers get physically and mentally stronger through teamwork with an elite coach.
– Rowers are empowered to throttle back to the let the mind and body grow stronger.
– Explains the “dos and don’ts” with food and supplements.

How do you coach rowing teams?

Teams are coached through:

– Explaining the rowing stroke clearly so that rowers can self coach and create team synergy.
– Empower the coxswains by teaching them what to feel in the boat, explaining what the most efficient rowing technique looks like. Coaching the coxswains how to communicate with the team. Treating coxswains with respect, which makes the team respect the coxswains.
– Coxswains are the extension of smart rowing coaches.

How can I improve my rowing catch?

There are a myriad of catch drills. They key is to clearly explain what the blade is supposed to do during the stroke cycle. Many coaches understand the concept but fail to see it in real time.

How do you teach a novice rower?

Clearly describe the rowing technique. The goal is to enable rowers of any level to self coach. The devil is in the detail. Once the details are taken care of anything is possible.

How does the rowing coach app work?

Rowing Coach apps are a one way communication, similar to college classes, the real gold is in the seminar discussions.

Is there a rowing app like Zwift?

Not quite. The sheer numbers of cyclists during one Zwift workout dwarfs the rowing community. Rowing is at its infancy in comparison to indoor cycling. There is no doubt that indoor rowing can grow to the size of Zwift since rowing is a more complete full body workout.

What is the best rowing app?

For general fitness, the best rowing site is http://www.xeno-muller-rowing-workouts.com. The workouts are rich in enthusiasm and technical know how. There is always humor and the workout library is the largest in the world.

How do you use ErgZone?

ErgZone like any other rowing app is meant to facilitate engagement with the rowing machine.

Does Hydrow work with Concept 2?

It does not.

How do you use ErgData?

ErgData synchs with the Concept2 Performance Monitor 5