How to improve your 2K Erg Score

The time was “yesterday” to get faster on the erg. Don’t worry. I can make you faster TODAY and much faster tomorrow.

There is a lot of misinformation coming from well-meaning coaches on how to become successful in rowing. The sad truth is that their knowledge leaves high school rowers stuck in the middle of the pack without the possibility of getting recruited to their dream university rowing program. Too often, club coaches tell their rowers that they need to get mentally tougher in order to become faster on the erg. Their logic is so far from the truth. Instead of looking at their own coaching shortcomings, they push responsibility onto the rower by blaming poor erg performance on a lack of mental toughness. Why is this? The vast majority of coaches never had elite coaching.

Here is my elite coaching family tree. Everyone I coach becomes part of this family tree.

* Rowers who work with me get a clear training schedule that is tailored to them and their capabilities. The plan brings peace of mind to the rowers and their families. My line of communication is always open.

* The rowers I work with are coached the elite rowing technique that helped me break the indoor rowing world record, get recruited to Brown University, stay undefeated collegiately, and win Olympic gold and silver in the men’s single scull.

* With my help, rowers are capable of improving their erg score by 10 seconds within a month of following my training program. Smart training is the key to amazing performance improvements. The rowers enjoy success while the rest of the family enjoys newly found peace of mind.

* Imagine finally breaking 8 minutes for 2K, reaching 7:20, sprinting below 6:20. What once seemed impossible becomes reality.

* With my coaching, rowers not only get physically faster and fitter, they also learn how to sharpen their competitive minds. They learn how to positively cope with performance anxiety, turn negatives into positives, and succeed when others falter.

* My rowers conquer PR after PR.

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