Elite Coaching a Competitive Advantage.

Today, Yale won the final of the men’s varsity 8 at the Eastern Sprint Regatta.

Second, third, and fourth, were all in the same second, and 4 seconds slower than Yale. 

Xeno Muller Eastern Sprint Analysis

“Time” may not be the easiest way to quantify what lacks for the other schools to win in the future.

To better understand the margins, you can calculate the power of the crews by using the Concept2 Watt Calculator.

Here are the power differences: 

Harvard, Brown, Princeton, 488.2 Watts/Rower 5:58 and second place.

Yale, 504.9 Watts/Rower 5:54 and first place.

Yale produced roughly 16 Watts more to win by 4 seconds. 

Let’s put those 16 Watts into persective with my taughest races.  

Luckily, I was trained by ultra talented Elite Coaches who made me ready for the Olympics in the single scull. (Steve Gladstone was my Brown University Coach.)

I measure 6’3’’ and weighed 220 pounds, my archnemesis, and good friend, Rob Waddell, measures 6’7’’ and weighed the same as I did, 220 pounds.  His stroke is much longer than mine.

The most colossal difference however was how much power we each produced. 

At my best, I generated 522 Watts for 2000 meters, whereas Rob with his indoor rowing world record had me beat by a whopping 69 Watts.  Until a month ago, he held the world record of 5:36/2K at 591 Watts. 

At the Olympics, he beat me by less than 2 seconds.  Here are the results on world rowing.com

8 Watts, separated me from winning my second gold medal.  Technique and Elite Coaching reduced the raw power difference by a whopping 61 Watts when we compare it to today’s race in Worcester, Mass.  

At another race, I had him beat: World Cup Lucerne, video

There  is no doubt that Elite Coaching can make a dramatic difference in future collegite rowing results. 

Collegiate coaches need to know that Elite Coaching can change their career results dramatically, as dramatically as Elite Coaching changes the future of high school rowers who seek to get faster and get recruited to the college of their dreams.