Xeno's Guide To Erg Test Prep.

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Getting Recruited is a Life Changing Experience!

A better erg score changes the course of your life.

I was recruited to Brown University thanks to a great erg score.  Rowing at Brown was a life changing experience.


This digital course helps you organize your training, your thought process about the race, optimize your race strategy, and lots more.
  • Receive a complimentary technical rowing review.
  • A course that is ideal for rowers who desperately need to improve their erg score the smart way.
  • Make no mistakes in the last 7 days before you do your 2K test.
  • Detailed workout schedule to prepare for your 2K. 
  • The course will teach you how to stay calm and focused.
  • Learn about the right and wrong decisions.
Enjoy and crush your personal best!