Thirty Day eCamp HUNTER

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vXM - High School Juniors 30 Day Camp -- Watch: 

  • 1 Month of elite coaching

  • 15 in depth video reviews

  • Training program

  • Discussions with rower and parent about goal setting.

  • The HUNTER is offered as digital camp  Don't waste time and money traveling. Invest all your time and money directly into yourself. 
  • HUNTER is designed to supplement and amplify a college bound rower’s current program – much like a tutor for rowing. The program consists of personalized training workouts, coaching meetings, ELITE on going TECHNICAL VIDEO ANALYSIS, and race preparation.
  • IDEAL for high school sophomores and juniors getting ready to submit their final 2K for getting recruited to college.  
  • Graduating high school rowers who seek to hit the ground running and make the best college boat possible.  In average varsity rowers have a 20 second lead on their first year peers.
  • Participants row, scull, and/or erg from the comfort of their own gym, home, or rowing club. You will learn the nuances of what makes the erg faster and the boat glide farther. Most importantly, you will receive frame-by-frame video analysis of your rowing/erging stroke. 
  • Day by day training discussion.