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Rowing is filled with athletic and passionate high schoolers aspiring to be recruited by one of the top universities in the United States.  Sadly, most rowers in the United States are wholly unaware of the international dominance at our top college rowing programs.  Most of the top rowing programs don’t have any rowers from the United States and the others may only have a couple.

One reason is that the volunteer coaches in the United States focus on the biggest and strongest rowers in high school.  These coaches are interested in winning local and regional races now.  I was a heavyweight rower in the 8 at university and a single sculler, but I was never the biggest, or strongest rower.  My Elite Coaches leverage the secrets that were passed down to them from their Elite Coaching Family Tree, to make me the fastest.

These insights include mental outlook, technique and physical training. They are why I am one of the fastest rower in the world EVER. Today, I pass these secrets down to my students and they earn seats on the US national team and as the top rowers of their recruiting class, they are recruited by their dream colleges.

The LIVE coaching sessions in THE INTERNATIONAL provide the real-time feedback and mental insights necessary to be one of the fastest rowers in the United States within your recruiting class.

Your potential is not limited by your size, but by the size of your dreams.  As a rower, you have proven that you are willing to do the hard work, now it is time to start doing the RIGHT WORK with Elite Coaching.

With elite private coaching,  I will help you improve erg scores and boat moving capability.  

  • Full Time 30-Day training program for short and long term goals.
  • 2 Live e-Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Monthly frame by frame analysis
  • 24/7 Communication

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