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Your X-TEAM members will help you further ignite your competitive drive. Teamwork will not only help you to improve your results and mental health, it will enable you to forge lifelong friendships. We’ve all benefited from a team member helping to motivate us on lower energy days, to get the meters in and reach our goals.
Being part of a team will also help your to lower your anxiety, as well as depression you may occasionally feel from physical exertion, or stress you have in your life.
When Roger Bannister broke the 4-minute mile in 1954 he used periodization training and achievement visualization. His record breaking run disproved the common opinion that the 4-minute mile could not be broken. Today, the record is 3:43.13. Working with the X-TEAM will help push you beyond what you thought was possible.
With your X-TEAM members you will be able to reach each of your goals faster and have more fun doing it. Sharing a common goal, with the friends you’ll make on the team, will be a powerful asset as you capitalize on your opportunity to rise in the lists and reach beyond your dreams.  

•Can only be purchased in addition to A-BOAT, INTERNATIONAL, or THE MEDALIST monthly e-coaching program
•5 Weekly Team Training Sessions
•Ideal for staying focused and motivated during these unprecedented times.