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Rower's Edge in partnership with Xeno Muller offers an exclusive opportunity to maximize your rate of improvement on your 2k erg score. Investing in an XM2k will provide you with your baseline, as well as performance potential for your 2k erg score by the college deadline.  
Olympic gold medalist Xeno Muller was recruited to Brown University, where he rowed undefeated for two years in the heavyweight eight. Xeno provides his students state-of-the-art training and elite coaching. He has coached two #1 finishers at the Indoor World Championships in the last three years.  
Rower's Edge is excited about our exclusive opportunity to offer the XM2k assessment to our clients - the first step in high performance.
  • Record 40 seconds of footage on the rowing ergometer from the side at race pace splits and stroke rate. Email footage to xeno@xenocoach.com or text to 949-400-7630
  • Receive an in depth digital stroke analysis.