Rowing online with me is so much better

You will be entertained and learn safe rowing technique

    • Most of my competitive years, I rowed the single scull.  I spent a lot of time training by myself.  I learned how to entertain myself, stay focused, and motivated; some rightfully call it “super-successful-psychobabble” ?. 
    • Not all my meters were rowed solo!  While in college, I had a wonderful time rowing for Brown University.  At Brown, we were paired up with the world’s best coaches and coxswains. These individuals fueled my imagination and visualization capabilities and I will forever be thankful to them. Shout out to Steve Gladstone, and Scott Roop (check out our elite coaching family tree)! We stayed undefeated.
    • Today, when I run group workouts, I tap into those experiences.  I gleefully share my visualization methods while explaining the rowing stroke during the warm up and when the pressure gets turned up.

The workouts are never the same

    • Where is the fun in running pre-scripted workouts?  When we are live, “WE ARE LIVE” and it is exciting. No one knows for sure what happens next!

More than just rowing workouts

    • Post-Workout notes!  Every day, I learn new information about health, psychology/motivation, technology; stuff which makes life exciting. I enjoy sharing these weekly findings during the rest strokes of the workouts. Once published to the library, the post-workout notes feature links to the bits of information I shared during the row. This way, it makes it easy for everyone to check them out.


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