Who was your club coach’s coach? Elite Rowing Coaches are rare.

To succeed in anything, having the right information is crucial.  There is no doubt that I am a passionate individual, but passion alone is not enough in order to succeed at the very top.  Getting to the very top requires the right information. Elite Rowing Coaches have the right information to help passionate athletes reach the top.  I am a text book example of how Elite Coaching helped me reach the top in rowing and coaching.  Have a look at my Elite Coaching Family Tree video and the other success stories that came from it farther below:

  • Steve Gladstone Head Coach, Harvard, CAL, Brown, Yale.

Steve Gladstone

    • Steve’s freshmen coach Val Ferme struck up a conversation with me at the Junior World Championship in Szeged Hungary while riding back on the shuttle from the race course to the hotel. This was the beginning of my Brown University experience.  My years at Brown made me mentally and physically ready for my adult independent life.
  • New Zealand’s Olympic Gold Medal Coach Harry Mahon

Harry Mahon

  • Great Britain’s Olympic Gold Eight 2000
  • New Zealand’s Olympic Gold Eight 2021
  • Ann Marden Olympic Silver Medalist 1988
  • China’s Olympic Gold Medal Crews
  • Paul Thompson Olympic Gold Medal Coach
  • St. Paul’s rowing coach Bobby Thatcher
  • Scott Roop, world champion
  • Rob Waddell, Olympic Gold Medalist
  • Olympic Gold Medalist Zach Purchase
  • Olympic Gold Coach Marty Aitken
  • Olympic Gold Coach Jürgen Gröbler
  • Olympic Gold Coach Robin Williams
  • Olympic Gold Medal Coach Ian Wright