Xeno Müller Olympic Gold Medalist, Elite Rowing Coach

Elite Rowing COach – Brown University Graduate

Undefeated with Brown Crew – Olympic Gold & Silver Medalist

Presenting Xeno Muller, an Olympic Champion and the world’s most successful high school elite rowing coach. Unlike gymnasts who usually begin their training at an early age, rowers typically start at 14, leaving them a brief, critical four-year window to master the sport and secure college recruitment. This is where Xeno’s unparalleled expertise comes into play. (Testimonials)

Xeno has a profound understanding of this fleeting timeframe and the urgency it presents. He possesses a unique ability to expedite the rowers’ progress on the rowing machine, turning ‘crunch time’ into ‘launch time.’ High school rowers seeking to shave 20 to 30 seconds off their erg scores will find a capable and determined ally in Xeno. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a high school rower, diligently following Xeno’s training program, to drop an impressive 10 seconds in just one month.

  • His coaching ethos is characterized by positivity, acute attention to detail, and an innovative concept he terms ‘smart training.’ Xeno’s approach is empowering, fostering self-coaching skills that fuel ongoing motivation as students witness their steady progress.
  • Xeno doesn’t merely focus on the physical aspect of rowing; he champions the holistic development of athletes. His advice on training and nutrition is instrumental in enabling rowers to make balanced, informed choices. Families seeking a breakthrough in their children’s performance find hope and results in Xeno’s tried and tested methods.
  • Boasting an unrivaled track record, Xeno has been instrumental in the successful recruitment of his athletes into the United States’ most prestigious university rowing programs. His competitive edge comes from a coaching experience that transcends ordinary club teachings. He offers a curriculum infused with strategies proven to lead to Olympic glory.
  • A holder of a world record on the Concept2 rowing machine, Xeno is part of an elite cadre of five rowers who have consistently achieved a time below six minutes and forty seconds for 2000m on water in the men’s single scull.
  • In the grand narrative of rowing, Xeno Muller is more than a coach. He is a mentor, an inspiration, and a luminary, illuminating the path towards elite rowing. With Xeno at the helm, rowing evolves beyond a sport—it becomes an extraordinary, life-altering journey.

If you are a passionate rower who understands that elite coaching is key to reaching your rowing dreams then you owe it to yourself to get in touch with Xeno: Call/Text: USA-949-400-7630

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